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Lisa Kröger

If you like romantic thrillers with heat and heart-pounding tension, then the Lost Beach series is perfect for you. If you prefer a darker story with true horror at its heart, then look to the New Salvation books.


Life is grand in Lost Beach, Mississippi, the perfect little Gulf Coast small town. The citizens are great at keeping sweet tea on the table, gumbo on the stove, and the dead bodies hidden.

Cassie Reynolds is just getting her life back together after the death of her husband when fate brings her into the investigation of the death of a murdered socialite–and right into the path of her high school crush, Jake Parrish, a cop working the case.

But when the murder investigation is abruptly stopped by the town’s mayor, looking to reestablish his tourist town’s safe reputation, Cassie’s curiosity gets the best of her. As she searches for clues, she is drawn deeper into her town’s secrets, from scheming women of the Ladies Auxiliary to a local voodoo priestess, who knows much more than she is willing to tell. Can Cassie find the killer before he finds her? Can she trust Jake’s motives as their relationship heats up?

New Salvation

This is how “steel magnolias” have nightmares…

New Salvation, Mississippi, is a town dying. Husbands are attacking their wives, mothers turning on their own children. Now teenager Jordan Botrell stands accused of brutally killing her boyfriend, a crime she can’t remember. Time is running out, and this is a town where everyone has a secret to hide and reality is far worse than any nightmare.

Welcome to New Salvation, Mississippi, the small town with big nightmares. Nothing is as it seems, and true evil lurks in every shadow.